Mango Bravo at Conti’s

Mango Bravo at Conti's
Mango Bravo

You’re certainly missing half of your life if you haven’t eaten a slice of Mango Bravo at Conti’s. Just last night, we went to Conti’s to have a slice of Mango Bravo since the last time we had one is already months ago. 🙂

Tsokolate Ga at Conti's
Tsokolate Ga (PhP 45 per serving)

Aside from the dessert, I had Tsokolate Ga. Simply put, Tsokolate Ga is hot cocoa and it is served with milk. Its texture is thick and it’s chocolatey indeed. 🙂 Sha had hot tea since her throat aches. In case you don’t know, you can always ask for honey to be served with your tea. 🙂

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