Makati Food Crawl

Soft Shell Crab 'Wich at 8Cuts

Our food crawl started at 8Cuts in Salcedo village. Yes, everyone ordered the Soft shell Crab ‘Wich–an 8Cuts and Ooma collaboration. How can one not give in to this delectable treat? The soft-shell crab is beer-battered. On top of the soft-shell crab are the unagi sauce, melted mozzarella cheese, herbed aioli, aligue mayo, mango salsa, and salmon-skin flakes. These are all sandwiched in between 8Cut’s brioche buns.

Our next stop was Mendokoro Ramenba. It is located just behind 8Cuts. Me and Sha just shared a bowl of Tantanmen and three pieces of Gyoza. We love how creamy it is and its level of spiciness is just right.

Choco caramel pecan tart

Our third stop was Wildflour for some tea, coffee, and a light dessert. We also took advantage of the 25 percent discount (available from 5pm to 7pm, daily) and took home some goodies. 🙂

Royal Indian Curry House

Then, we opted to go out of Salcedo village. We headed to Makati Ave. by foot and went to Royal Indian Curry House for some Buttered Chicken (chicken in mildly spiced curry sauce), Palak Paneer (pureed spinach with cottage cheese), Dal (lentils), and some Naan.

Thai Sticky Rice with Mangoes at Crying Tiger

Our final stop is Crying Tiger Street Kitchen. It’s a hole-in-the-wall  resto-bar. They serve Asian food and drinks. Their dessert menu is limited to Thai cuisine though. Since we didn’t get to eat Sticky Rice with Mango in Bangkok, we had it here instead. We wish that they had served sweet ripe mangoes instead. For the drinks, our friends ordered the Thai Iced Tea while we got the Basil Watermelon Cooler Cocktail.

Makati Food Crawl Groupfie

Bonus video:

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