Luz Kinilaw in Davao City

Luz Kinilaw

Luz Kinilaw is really an old restaurant in Davao City which is already around 40 years. They serve authentic Davao cuisine and this restaurant is recommended for first-timers in Davao City. Upon arrival at the restaurant, I catched a glimpse of tuna being grilled in front.

Waiting to be served
Tuna being grilled

Upon entering inside, we were showed stuff that we could order. So, even before we are seated upstairs, we have finished ordering. We ordered for Tuna belly, fish gonad or roe (was not really sure about this :D), then squid and some chicken.

When we arrived on the 2nd floor of Luz Kinilaw, it’s ambiance is somewhat not recommended for you to bring your first date with. The restaurant seems to be recommended for a group of friends and for the family as well.

Kinilaw at Luz Kinilaw

The Kinilaw in Luz Kinilaw is not served with vinegar. You have to pour the vinegar by yourself. Or you could use another condiment that you prefer. I actually find it weird for them to serve kinilaw that way since it’s different the way it’s defined here.

Tuna Belly at Luz Kinilaw
Tuna belly

The tuna belly served in Luz Kinilaw is served that way. Yes, that’s one big lump of tuna belly waiting to be savored. It was so big that the five of us were not able to finish it. 😀

Chicken at Luz Kinilaw

For the grilled chicken, we chose the pecho and the leg part. It was chopped when it was served so that we wouldn’t have a hard time dividing it.

Grilled Squid at Luz Kinilaw
Grilled Squid

A plate of grilled squid was already enough for our group (group of five). I like the way the squid was cooked. It does not feel like I’m eating rubber when I had some. 🙂

Budget per head if you’re in a group of 5 to seven people is estimated at around 200 pesos per head. As for our group, we were only charged 190 pesos per head (softdrinks, rice and viands mentioned included).

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