Love Spicy Food? Try Silly Labuyo

Bicol Express at Silly Labuyo

Bicol Express (PHP 250 per order)

A friend of ours introduced us to the owners of a recently opened restaurant (around February 2014) called Silly Labuyo – a play of words of a Filipino term Sili Labuyo / Bird’s Eye Chili. Hearing the words Sili Labuyo, would already give you a hint of what one can expect if this will become a restaurant name. It was a small joint around the commercial area called Greenfield District in Mandaluyong. The restaurant is just along Shaw Boulevard, literally just opposite Shangri-la Mall.

Bronco Barbeque at Silly Labuyo

Bronco Beef (PHP 290 per order)

Being familiar with the area, I expected that this can be just a typical drinking joint with greasy pulutan but I was wrong. We left everything for the owners to decide which ones we should try. I am a fan of spicy food so this one is a great place to begin with. Don’t worry for those who are not fond of spicy food, they have non-spicy dishes too.

Dynamite at Silly Labuyo

Super Dynamite

As a tribute to their restaurant name, we were served Super Dynamites. This is a common appetizer and pulutan for beer drinkers but the difference between theirs and others is that they use mozzarella cheese as stuffing so that when you bite the finger chili, the oozing mozzarella will come out – just like eating pizza. Their Dynamites are large and stuffed unlike others which you don’t really notice that there’s cheese stuffing at all. It would also be good to have variations of this like stuffing meat together with the mozzarella – just like tacos. One order of this appetizer is composed of 8 pieces of stuffed finger chili.

Dinuguan at Silly Labuyo

Crispy Dinuguan (PHP 250 per order)

The Chili Dynamites were just the tip of the iceberg then the main dishes were served. They served Bicol Express, Bronco Barbeque and Dinuguan (blood stew).

I’ve always been a fan of Bicol Express and the ones that they have here made it to my list. There was an abundance of pork and winged beans. This dish is perfect to pair with plain white rice. If you want more spice, don’t hesitate to ask for more chilis. 🙂 One order of Bicol Express can be shared by 2 – 3 individuals but if want everything for yourself, you can order the Bicol Express meal for only PHP 99. Very cheap and worth it!

Bicol Express Meal at Silly Labuyo

Bicol Express Solo Meal (PHP 99)

I was honest to say that I am a fan of Dinuguan (only Kanin Club’s Crispy Dinuguan) but their version is really good. It doesn’t have the pig’s innards and its only composed of fried pork liempo (belly) and the sauce made of pig’s blood. It doesn’t have that yucky aftertaste. I could actually taste calamansi (Philippine lemon) in the blood stew. If you’re going to ask if their Dinuguan is spicy, nope it’s not :).

The Bronco Beef, is also a favorite. Now, this is spicy. The dish is made of beef ribs smothered with spicy barbeque sauce. If you eat this alone, tendency is you might get tired of its taste so it’s better to pair it with another non-spicy dish.

Rootbeer Float at Silly Labuyo

Vanilla Rootbeer Float (PHP 99)

I also got interested of their ice cream selection – Ben and Jerry’s! Next time, I know where to go if I want to dine and have Ben and Jerry’s for dessert.

Overall, the food were great and we’ll definitely be back when we’re at the area. Their prices are not so expensive and they serve quality comfort food. I suggested that they serve some carabao milkshakes to compliment their spicy food. As you know, dairy products can help ease the spice level.

If you are craving for something at the middle of the night, why not think of Silly Labuyo? Yes, they’re open 24 hours a day!


Silly Labuyo
738 Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong, Philippines
+63 2 621 2231

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