Liza’s Dampa

Grilled Pork at Liza's dampa
Grilled Pork

On our 2nd day of stay in Davao, we had lunch at Liza’s after some nature tripping. 😀 We had grilled pork, also known as liempo. We had Tuna belly, grilled tilapia, sinigang and sizzling squid as well.

Grilled Tuna Belly at Liza's dampa
Tuna Belly

The system at Liza’s is not like the dampa near the airport and the one near along Macapagal road. Liza’s is just one restaurant. However, you still need to choose the fish/meat that you want to be cooked from the freezer (similar to the ones that you see in groceries). Then, you let them know how it should be cooked.

Grilled Squid at Liza's dampa
Grilled Squid

The restaurant is an open-air type. They have a few tables at the beachfront but you have to pay an extra fee if you want to dine there. Since there was nothing much to see outside except for the sky and the sea, we decided not to stay at the beachfront.

Grilled Fish at Liza's dampa
Grilled Tilapia

What I like about Liza’s is how good their food tastes. I love their grilled tuna belly over Luz Kinilaw.

Sinigang at Liza's dampa

After eating at Linda’s you may want to go to Davao’s own version of Baywalk. Some parts of it are already finished though but some parts are still under construction. 🙂

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