Last Decent Dinner in Melbourne – Blue Train Cafe

Buildings of Melbourne

It took me more than 2 months to finish all my Australia related blogposts and so now I come to the end of it. My last decent dinner in Melbourne.

Coming home from work at 5:30, I decided to go out and treat myself to a fancy dinner. I would usually buy something to go and eat dinner in my hotel room. My boss urged me to go have dinner in Southgate, Yarra. I know there are lots of nice restaurants there overlooking the Yarra River so I rushed to ride the tram to Southgate.

Southgate Mall

Southgate Mall

The tram was filled with people (it was rush hour), I guess they’re headed home or they’re going to have some night caps. The sun was still up at 6 pm so it’s still safe to wander around the city streets.

Blue Train Cafe in Southgate

There were plenty of restaurants to choose from. I had a hard time to decide. I wanted to have the view of the Yarra river while I’m dining and didn’t want to just eat inside the food court of Southgate Mall. Then I stumbled upon this restaurant which was at the mid level of the mall with a perfect view of the river. It’s called Blue Train Cafe.

Seared Salmon FilletSeared Salmon Fillet @ AUD 18.90 (around Php 855 +)

The restaurant was filled with people. The waiter led me to a table with a nice view. He probably thought that I am a tourist (well, yes I was). There were so many dishes to choose from so I asked for some help on their best seller. He suggested for me to try the Seared Salmon Fillet. The salmon was served with soba noodles and soy dressing. This was the best meal I had in Melbourne! The salmon was so tender and juicy. It was cooked just right! I loved the soy dressing.

Strawberry Beret

Strawberry Beret @ AUD 8.00 (around Php 430+)

It was so hot during that day (up until now 🙂 ) so I first ordered their lemon iced tea but I already finished that before the salmon came so  ordered another drink. I love strawberries so I decided to order the Strawberry Beret. It’s made of fresh strawberries, raspberries, fresh lime and lemonade. This was the best mocktail I have ever tasted! The berries were abundant and it’s served in a big glass.

Southgate, Yarra

Flinders Street Station

Bridge going to Flinders Street Station from Southgate (over the Yarra River)

Sunset in Melbourne

After dinner, I decided to stroll around Southgate and watched the sunset. Just sitting in a bench staring at the people pass by was truly a wonderful experience. I was wishing that I could’ve stayed longer and just savor the view and the dining experience in Melbourne. I would love to go back to this beautiful place and probably bring Karla with me to share the beautiful city.

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