Karaage Chicken Vegetable Wrap

Karaage Chicken Vegetable Wrap by Kozui Green Tea
Karaage Chicken Vegetable Wrap (PhP 158 pesos per order)

Aside from green tea latte, Kozui Green Tea offers meals. We stated in our previous post that we will try one soon. 🙂 We first tried Kozui Green Tea’s bestseller which is the Karaage Chicken Vegetable Wrap.

A single order is already good for two people. I’d recommend it for people who would like to have a light meal or for some people who would like to have a snack. This one is also recommended for Kozui Green Tea first-timers. 🙂

What I like about the Karaage Chicken Vegetable Wrap is that they’ve used fresh vegetables and Kozui Green Tea is generous with the amount of chicken placed in the wrap. This should go well with a Genmaicha Green Lemon Tea. 🙂

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