Jatujak: Thai food, Iced Coffee and More

Thai Iced Coffee and Thai Iced Green Tea by Jatujak
Thai Iced Coffee and Thai Iced Green Tea, 70 pesos each

There’s this new restaurant we tried out in SM Mall of Asia recently. Since we are not really frequent visitors of Mall of Asia, we make sure that we dine at the places that are not really accessible in the most common areas we go to. So here’s Jatujak ( pronounced as ‘chatuchak’), a Thai restaurant we found just beside Foccaccino. FYI: the name itself is what the Thailanders call their weekend market in Thailand.

Lemon Iced Tea and Mint and Lemongrass tea by Jatujak
Lemon Iced Tea and Mint and Lemongrass tea, 45 pesos each (per glass) and 62 pesos each (bottomless)

The very first time we visited the place, we just had dinner at their neighbor restaurant and suddenly decided to have a caffeine kick that is different from the usual American coffee shops we usually hang out. So, we were attracted with their title, Thai Iced Coffee. We ordered 2 beverages, Thai Iced Coffee and another caffeinated drink which is Thai Green Iced Tea. Surprisingly, the beverages were in tall glasses ( probably about 12 inches tall) and they’re each priced at Php 70 bucks. How cool is that? They actually taste good. It’s the “real” thing especially the green tea ( as you know, I am a total green tea freak 😛 ) We were looking at the people who were actually dining, we were curious about the food so we decided to come back after 3 days.

Bagoong Rice by Jatujak
Bagoong Rice (Kao Kluk Gapi), 155 pesos per order (Jatujak specialty and bestseller)

The next visit, we went there for dinner. Since it’s just the 2 of us, we only ordered 2 things in the menu which are Thai cuisine’s specialties: Tom Yum Soup and Bagoong Rice. The Tom Yum Soup was good. It was what I expected. I can taste the mixture of sourness and spiciness of the soup. We ordered the all seafood but you can also choose the all shrimps option which is also, I believe is priced the same.

Seafood Tom Yum by Jatujak
Tom Yum with Mixed Seafood, 195 pesos for a medium-sized order and 255 pesos for a single large order

My most favorite is the Bagoong Rice which I literally almost finished. I love bagoong (shrimp paste) , I must admit but with this rice (or should I say dish?) they did not cut the quantity of the bagoong. Most of the Bagoong Rice that I have eaten usually lack the taste of bagoong. Their bagoong actually taste a bit sweet and salty (of course). Also, I must commend the large chunks of sweetened pork, large slices of dried mangoes, scrambled eggs and onions on the side. Actually, this can be a dish itself.

Oh by the way, I also tried a new beverage which is the Lemon Grass Iced tea. I only had the glass. You can also ask your waiter to have it bottomless but that of course is priced differently. I liked the beverage, it’s a sweet 🙂

Most of their dishes are for sharing ( probably for 2-3 people) so this is great for groups of more than 3. Also their prices start from Php 150 and above so a Php 300 budget would work if you will just order 1 dish and plain rice with no beverage 😉

The place is quite small and it seems that they already have avid visitors ( and more are trying out this place). Can’t blame them. Their place is unique and simple. Outside the restaurant there are also long tables great for groups of 5 or more.

Here are their branches:

SM Mall of Asia
2nd Level unit 237 Entertainment Mall,
SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

SM Mega Mall
104 Upper Ground Bldg A, SM Mega Mall
637 -1772

SM North Edsa
421 Annex the Block, SM City North Edsa

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