Indulgence Cafe

Potato Salad at Indulgence Cafe
Potato Salad

Indulgence Cafe is a cafe and restaurant along Perea St. in Makati. It was Sha’s first time in Indulgence Cafe but I’ve been there a couple of times already to have lunch with my officemates back then.

Most of the food that we’ve tried there recently are those that I haven’t tried yet since I would usually order a pasta back then.

The Cafe/Restaurant
Indulgence Cafe is not a really big place that can accommodate a lot of people. The best thing though about the place is the free WiFi there. The place is a bit dark inside but I like the cushioned seats there though. 🙂

The Food
First, we tried their Potato Salad. We think that the potato salad can still be improved. Perhaps adding something more to the ingredients to make it a little saltier will do.

Salad at Indulgence Cafe
Fresh Green Salad

The fresh green salad contains various greens with some tomatoes and topped with strips of kani. The dressing for this particular salad is vinaigrette which is good for the health buffs.

Minestrone at Indulgence Cafe

After the salad, we had some minestrone. Minestrone is a famous Italian soup. It was a bit sweet for our taste since it’s supposed to be Italian. Perhaps they added a Pinoy flavor to it.

Pesto at Indulgence Cafe
Pesto Spaghetti

Puttanesca at Indulgence Cafe

Then, we tried the Pesto Spaghetti and the Puttanesca (also served with spaghetti noodles). We like the Pesto better over the Puttanesca. Instead of serving the pasta with the typical garlic bread, they serve each pasta with a slice of wheat bread cut into half.

Chocolate Cake at Indulgence Cafe
Death by Chocolate

Tiramisu at Indulgence Cafe

For dessert, we tried their Death by Chocolate and Tiramisu. We like the cakes most especially the Tiramisu. The Tiramisu served there is better than that of Seattle’s Best Coffee. By the way, if you work near there, you might want to try their coffee plus dessert promo for only a hundred bucks. 😉

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