How to eat a BonChon Chicken

During the media launch of BonChon Chicken at Bonifacio High Street, we were taught how to eat chicken wings the fastest and easiest way. 😀 Check out the above video.

How to eat chicken wings

BonChon Chicken wings and drumsticks
Chicken wings and drumsticks

Grab a piece of a chicken wing. Remove the half of the chicken wing that has less meat by pulling it off. Hold the end of the joint and bite next to it. Slide the chicken wing away from you while getting the meat. 😀

BonChon Chicken at Bonifacio High Street Opened!

Inside BonChon Chicken, Bonifacio High Street
Inside BonChon Chicken, Bonifacio High Street

BonChon Chicken at Bonifacio High Street is located in the new parking building beside ROX. They are the first restaurant that opened in that building. Other restaurants were still closed (probably still under construction) when we went there for the media launch.

Bringing a companion who’s allergic to chicken?

Fish Box at BonChon
Fish and Chips Box, 145 pesos

It will be really bad to take someone who’s allergic to chicken to a restaurant whose main product is chicken. However, it’s good to know that they offer alternatives.

Bulgogi Rice at BonChon
Bulgogi Rice, 125 pesos

The fish and chips box is a good alternative. It consists of three medium-sized strips of fish fillet served with french fries. Another alternative is the Bulgogi Rice. If you do not want to eat rice, an alternative to the Bulgogi Rice is the Bulgogi Wrap.

Trying to be Healthy?

Caesar Salad at BonChon
Caesar Salad, 125 pesos

BonChon Chicken also offers Caesar Salad and the Ginger Tofu Salad. The healthier amongst the two is the Ginger Tofu Salad because of its dressing.

Ginger Tofu Salad at BonChon
Ginger Tofu Salad, 125 pesos

What to have for dessert?

Try BonChon’s Ko-Yo (Korean Yogurt). I was able to try the Plain Ko-Yo (served in a mini-cup, available at 35 pesos) and it’s good. It’s soft, creamy and it’s not too sweet. Next time, I’ll try the Blueberry Torte Ko-Yo and the Banoffee Pie Ko-Yo (70 pesos each).

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