Heavenly Angus Beef Belly by H Cuisine

Slow Roasted Angus Beef Belly with Demiglace Gravy at H Cuisine

Chef Hannah’s Most Awesome Angus Beef Belly

Slogans or marketing phrases sometimes deceive us so I am usually doubtful about this. When I saw that H Cuisine boasts that they have the most awesome Angus Beef belly, I said to myself, let me try this first before I believe. I thought that it would just be another marketing slogan but I was totally wrong. H Cuisine’s Slow Roasted Angus Beef Belly paired with their homemade demi-glace gravy tasted awesome but I couldn’t say that it is the best in the market.

Chef Hannah preparing the Angus Beef Belly Skewer at H Cuisine
Chef Hannah Herrera-Bagatsing

I thought that this will be another kind of food tasting activity wherein restaurant owners let us taste their food but on this instance, the owner of H Cuisine – Chef Hannah, demonstrated to us different ways of serving their Slow Roasted Angus Beef Belly. They don’t only sell the Angus Beef Belly as a la carte in the restaurant but they also sell them frozen or ready to eat. A kilo of their Angus Beef Belly is PHP 1,300 and good for 6 – 8 people. For a la carte, it costs PHP 288 (single meal with rice and vegetables)  and Php 428 for sharing of 2 – 4 people.

I was very eager to eat the Angus Belly while it was being cooked right in front of me. I could just easily grab the food after she cooked it but had to be civilized, I am not in the comforts of my own home :D. My first bite was heavenly, the Angus Beef Belly just melted in my mouth. Another best thing here is that the gravy is to die for! The secret to this very tasty gravy is the oil drippings from the Angus Beef Belly. Just like the Kentucky Fried Chicken gravy, it’s addicting because of the oil drippings from the baked chicken. Deadly but tastes absolutely heavenly.

Angus Beef Belly Fried Rice that Chef Hannah cooked at H Cuisine

Angus Beef Belly Fried Rice

From the short demo, I discovered different ways to utilise the Angus Beef Belly. It may be skewered, grilled, make into a sandwich, made it into a fried rice, etc. It just goes to show how flexible it is.

Fish Fillet with Truffle Cream Sauce at H Cuisine

Fish Trafalgar

Aside from the most awesome Angus Beef Belly, H Cuisine also serves other meals. These are recipes of Chef Hannah and her family which are very close to her heart. One of my favorites is the Fish Trafalgar. It’s made of cream dory fish topped with truffle cream sauce. For those who don’t want to feel too much guilt, you can have this as an alternative to the Angus Beef Belly :). When you order this a la carte, it comes with Penne pasta.

Clams with Roasted Vegetables in Garlic Infused EVOO Linguine at H Cuisine

Clams in Garlic Infused EVOO Linguine

Sorry for the blurred photo above but this also tasted good. To add more spice, you can drizzle this with hot sauce. By itself, the pasta is already good.  If you will plan to order this a la carte, it costs Php 198.

Chicken Relleno at H Cuisine

Chicken Embotido

Even though I am not a fan of embotido, I still tried the Chicken Embotido for the sake of sampling all the dishes served there. Honestly, I didn’t like the taste and it was dry. Perhaps the embotido is best served when it’s freshly cooked. Since their serving method is buffet, they had to cook this way ahead.

Salad with Berry Dressing at H Cuisine
Salad with Berry Dressing and Lime Cooler

A simple salad topped with berry dressing, interesting huh? Yes, it’s just a mixture of usual vegetables found in a typical salad (lettuce, corn, carrot, red bell peppers) but it’s the dressing that made it interesting. 🙂 I guess the Salad with Berry dressing is not on the menu. On the other hand, the lime cooler tasted like Mojito without the alcohol. It’s a very refreshing drink because it has mint leaves. You can shell out Php55 if you want a shot of tequila for a little alcohol kick.

Skewered Nutella Chocolate Cake at H Cuisine

Skewered Nutella Chocolate Cake

Canonigo with Pistachio Creme Anglaise at H Cuisine

Ok, now we go to the my most favorite – desserts! Skewered Nutella Chocolate Cake and Canonigo with Pistachio Creme Anglaise. The word NUTELLA and PISTACHIO made my head turn around again when I heard that they are serving this.

H Cuisine can mean different things for people. Others may say H stand for happy but for me, it stands for HEART. Anybody can just be a chef by going to cooking schools but not everyone can cook with their hearts. One can feel her passion for cooking by eating her heavenly dishes. Although some of the names of the dishes may be too intimidating, its taste can easily be appreciated by everybody. Surprisingly, the prices are not too steep. Budget per person may be Php250 – 400, depending on your appetite of course.

H Cuisine

#64 Scout Rallos St. Corner Tomas Morato
Quezon City

02 – 4

* Special thanks to H Cuisine for inviting us!
* Please note that photos above are not the actual serving size in the restaurant because serving style is buffet.

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