Grilled Tomato: Kebabs, Keemas and More

We have been Persian Food enthusiasts so when we saw Grilled Tomato in Tomas Morato, QC, it’s a must that we try it. We ordered the basics of course such as kebabs and keemas. I ordered 2 pieces Beef Kebab with Curry Rice (Php 90) while Karla ordered Beef Keema with Curry Rice (Php 70). The kebabs were really good and I like the rice. We also ordered pita bread (Php 15 each) with hummus (Php 20). Karla though did not like Beef Keema that much because it was too oily. The good thing about Grilled Tomato is that the price is really affordable ranging from Php 55-95 per meal. Isn’t that great? You could also add Php 30 if you want a refillable drink with their kebab,tikka and korma meals.

The place in Tomas Morato is just small and simple. I hope that they would have exhaust facility because we stayed inside the resto. Due to the smoke coming from the grilling, we smelled like kebabs but nevertheless, I enjoyed the food and will be coming back there. Probably I’ll just sit outside 😉

Grilled Tomato
Kebabs, Keemas and More

Grilled Tomato Tomas Morato
186 C Tomas Morato, QC
415 0760

Grilled Tomato Banawe
84 Maria Clara Cor. Banawe, QC
411 9345

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