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In my personal belief, pasta dishes have already absorbed the Filipino palette. Most restaurants (and also fast food chains) have pastas in their menu; from the basic spaghetti with tomato sauce up to the most complicated ones. From my observation, it has become a substitute to cooked rice. Pastas are easy to eat and can already be considered a meal on its own.

At this day and age, people are always on the go. The catch is that, most of the time, fast foods are not healthy. Usually burgers, fried or processed foods come to mind when we think of fast foods. Pastas were considered to be unhealthy foods but actually, it can be healthy and not be all about carbohydrates. Goodles, located in Robinsons Galleria, wanted to create healthy pasta dishes that can be cooked and eaten immediately. Franny of invited us and other bloggers to experience Goodles, the newest pasta-to-go place in town.

Garlic Shrimp and Chorizo at Goodles

Garlic Shrimp and Chorizo @ Php 170

Their selections were simple but they have added a little twist to make it interesting. Their pastas are contained in paper cups which you can bring anywhere. You can even eat it inside the cinema but, I think I wouldn’t do that because I tend to become messy sometimes. Whether you dine in the kiosk or prefer it to go, they’ll serve it in a paper cup. I believe you can request them to put your pasta in a plate if you’ll be dining in.

Sharlene Tan, the general manager and one of the owners of Goodles, gave us the chance to choose the pasta of our choice. I first chose Garlic Shrimp and Chorizo to taste because I like garlic in my pasta. My pasta was ok, though I thought that the taste seems thin.

Morrocan Beef at Goodles

Morrocan Beef @ Php 135

Karla, on the other hand, chose Morrocan Beef, because she was craving for something Mediterranean (this was the result of our disappointment with the closing of Cafe Mediterranean in Robinsons Galleria ;( ). I tasted Karla’s pasta and I actually liked it. I can taste the “persian” flavors here.

Grape Carbonara at Goodles

Grape Carbonara @ Php 165

Then eventually, Sharlene served us with the other pasta dishes that they have so that we can taste more dishes. The Grape Carbonara seemed weird at first because I am not used to seeing grapes in my pasta and also. The taste was ok, but I think the grape didn’t matter because the pasta (with the meat) can stand alone. Adding the grapes became an ornament which didn’t really add to the overall taste of the dish.

Salsa Rossa Shrimp at Goodles

Salsa Rossa Shrimp @ Php 170

Salsa Rossa Shrimp is one of my favorites. This dish tastes better when you sprinkle a hint of dried chili.

Seven-Layer Lasagna at Goodles

Seven Layer Lasagna @ Php 140

Their lasagna is also one of the must tries in Goodles. It’s meaty and not just noodles and bechamel sauce.

Chicken Vodka at Goodles

Chicken Vodka @ Php 140

The Chicken Vodka tasted good (although I didn’t really taste the vodka 😉 ). It looked cute because they used ribbon pasta. You must also try this.

Mediterranean Tuna at Goodles

Mediterranean Tuna @ Php135

I got a bit of disappointed with Mediterranean Tuna because I easily distinguished that it came from the can. I know that this is much cheaper but the taste of “canned tuna” can be lessened by cooking the tuna until it’s dry or probably can they can add a hint of lemon to remove the “canned tuna” taste. But if I will not take into consideration about that “canned tuna” thing, the overall taste is good. FYI, this is a little bit spicy but for me, it’s tolerable.

Their price range is from 125 to 170 pesos only which I believe is the common benchmark for pasta in Manila. Their pastas can be good for 2 people and comes with 1 garlic bread per pasta dish. What I liked about their concept is that this is just all about pasta and it’s made only when you have ordered. According to Sharlene, they make their sauces from scratch and does not make sauces beforehand. For me, this can be one of the places where pasta lovers can actually hang out.


4th Level, Robinsons Galleria Ortigas Center, Pasig

Near Robinsons Galleria Cinema

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