Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food in San Juan

Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food

One time, when Karla, me and Arbet passed by J. Abad Santos, we saw this ‘carinderia’ looking joint where a lot of people were flocking. The context clues were the sign “Hong Kong Street Food” and customers flocking so these were the key things that got us curious.

Different Fried Delicacies at Eat Fresh

About 2 weeks later, Karla and I decided to dine here during off peak hours (around 4:00 pm) so that we can avoid waiting for our table. We walked towards the left side of the glass display of various Hong Kong fried delicacies and their kitchen and went inside the gate which seemed like a house’s garage. Chairs were aligned which were intended for customers waiting for their turn to dine. Since it was off peak hours, we slipped inside the air-conditioned restaurant and getting a table was easy breezy.

Inside Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Streetfood

We were given a menu and then immediately checked Foursquare to know what their specialties are. I noticed that their prices are not so expensive. Here you go:

Laksa at Eat Fresh

Laksa – PHP 195 per order 

It felt weird that they have Laksa (a Malaysian / Singaporean dish) but we still ordered this because it’s part of their speciality. It was served in a hotpot boat and really looked good. Taste-wise? Well, it tasted like the ones I had in Singapore. Coconut-y and spicy! Of course, you can add more chili if you want to make it spicier. It’s filled with Hong Kong street food delicacies in the soup such as lobster ball, crab egg ball, fish cake, and many more. One order of Laksa is good for 2 – 3 people. Of course, this is depending on your appetite.


Tausi Spare Ribs Clay Pot Rice – PHP 145 per order

Another specialty we tried was their clay pot rice. Their spare ribs were very tender and moist. It’s obvious that this was freshly steamed when it was served to us so I still was able to taste the juices of the meat. One order is good for 2 people.


Breaded Scallops (PHP 40/ 3 pcs) and Lobster Cheese Balls (PHP 38 / piece)

As this place is called Hong Kong street food, it would be odd if we don’t try their street food delicacies. There are lots to choose from but the specialities we heard were Breaded Scallops, Lobster Cheese Balls, Yakitori and Yaki Sausage. You may opt to have them fried or have them dipped in curry sauce. We had them fried first then probably when we come back we’ll try the ones that were dipped in curry sauce.

Yakitori and Yaki Sausage at Eat Fresh

Yakitori (PHP 95 / 2 sticks) Yaki Sausage (PHP 100 / 2 sticks)

The Yakitori and Yaki Sausage were inspired by the Japanese. If you are a bacon lover, this is definitely for you. The Yakitori is made of asparagus and mushroom wrapped in bacon. I believe they use shitake and straw mushrooms. For the Yaki sausage, it’s sausage wrapped in bacon. The sausage was so good because it’s very juicy and packed.

Salt and Pepper Squid in Eat Fresh

Salt and Pepper Squid (PHP 200) 

Salt and Pepper Squid was one of the dishes that was worth a try according to the server and she’s correct! It was addicting and it’s not too salty. Dipping it in vinegar with chilies would really make a difference. 🙂

As we were about to finish eating around 5:30 pm, the queue for tables was already starting and felt proud of ourselves to come earlier. Ha ha. It was my very late lunch meal while it was Karla’s dinner already.

Overall, the food was great and we would recommend dining here. It’s not a very fancy place and many would call it “hole in a wall”. We spent a little bit a thousand pesos for everything we ordered here (including our drinks: Milo Dinosaur and Avocado Shake). I would say that budget per person here would be around PHP 250 – 300 including drinks.


Eat Fresh Famous Hong Kong Street Food
J. Abad Santos Street
Greenhills, San Juan (near Wilson Street)
Operating Hours: 10:00 am – 12 midnight

They also have a branch in Quezon City: 100-A Maria Clara Street Quezon City

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