Earth Kitchen: Serving Organic Food that Gives Comfort

Beef Kebab at Earth Kitchen

Eating healthy doesn’t mean that we’re stuck in eating greens. Earth Kitchen says otherwise. They have recently opened a branch in Bonifacio Global City with their first branch in Quezon City. We were glad to have been invited by Earth Kitchen to taste their food. Earth Kitchen is proud to say that everything they serve is made from scratch: from pasta, ice cream, tortilla, risotto and soups. The restaurant is dedicated in supporting local farmers from Got Heart Farm in Tarlac and indigenous communities around the Philippines which I really appreciate. The restaurant is a partnership of Got Heart Foundation and Hizon’s Catering.

We definitely loved the food here and we hope that you will too. Here are the reasons why you should try Earth Kitchen:

1) They have very good Beef Kebab (as shown in the photo above).

Their beef kebab is so flavorful and tender! They told me that they only use Australian or US beef. It really tastes good when you pair it with the Tzatziki (cucumber with yogurt) and spicy sauce. They also have a chicken version of this but the beef is their best seller. The rice came from Ifugao Rice Terraces from Northern Philippines.

Scallops and Aligue Pasta at Earth Kitchen

2) Squid ink pasta (Scallops and Aligue (crab fat) Pasta) is a must try if you’re adventurous.

I love squid ink. When I was a kid, I don’t really eat squid ink but when I started food blogging years ago, my palate developed an appreciation to squid ink. The Scallops and Aligue definitely stood out of the black pasta with a mild taste of anise liquor. As I said earlier, they make their own pasta. Unfortunately, they don’t have options to change to wholewheat pasta.

Fish and Roasted Sesame Soft Tacos at Earth Kitchen

3) Fish and Roasted Sesame Soft Tacos is a meal by itself and it is so delish!

Most of fish tacos I’ve tasted in Manila are made of Cream Dory, which is based on what I’ve read is not healthy. In Earth Kitchen, they use the Loro (Parrot Fish). Same as Cream Dory, the meat is white. The fish taco is paired with roasted sesame dressing which is compatible with each other. Actually, even though there’s no dressing, the fish itself already tasted good. Better not miss squeezing some lemon juice so that the flavors of the fish will come out more.

Mushroom Ravioli at Earth Kitchen

4) If you love mushrooms, these are dishes that you should not miss:

– Mushroom Ravioli (photo above)
It’s made of Kesong Puti (White Cheese), Shiitake, Button and Milky Mushrooms, Pili Nuts in light cream sauce. Do I need to say more?

– Risotto Balls
The Risotto Balls is a great appetizer. It’s made of breaded and fried mushrooms stuffed with mozzarella cheese. Tastes even better when dipped on their homemade tomato sauce.

Risotto balls at Earth Kitchen

5) It’s ok to eat Pork and be healthy because of their Braised Bacon.

Yes, go ahead. Eat it. This is a slab of bacon with red cabbage and marbled potatoes. Surprisingly, this doesn’t taste salty. It’s actually a little bit sweet and perhaps this is because of the red cabbage. Don’t worry, it’s organic pork.

Braised Bacon at Earth Kitchen

6) Yes, vegetarians and fruitarians will enjoy it here because of the below:

Pomelo Salad at Earth Kitchen
Pomelo Salad @ PHP 360

Got Heart Mix at Earth Kitchen
Got Heart Mix 2: Beets, carrots, cucumber, apple and honey

Inside Earth Kitchen BGC

The healthy and organic revolution is now beginning to invade the urban Manila and I am very happy about it. It’s now becoming part of the mainstream food options for Filipinos. I guess the difference between Earth Kitchen and the other popular one right now is that they are not overpriced, not the type of “in your face organic” which doesn’t intimidate those who are not into the organic lifestyle. I feel that that this place is sincere in making sure that food that they serve is not just for the sake of being organic because they make their customers feel comfortable, the only thing lacking – Urban Kitchen sets, really.

Outside Earth Kitchen BGC

Inside Earth Kitchen

Earth Kitchen
(1) Lot 10-B-10, White Plains, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
(2) UG/F BHS Central, 7th Ave. cor. 29th St., BGC
Quezon City, Philippines

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