Crunchy and Healthy Fried Chicken at Chicken Charlie

4 Drumsticks + 4 Wings at Chicken Charlie
4 Drumsticks + 4 Wings, 288 pesos per order (served with a free side of pickled raddish)

Just last Saturday, we went to Chicken Charlie (Thanks to Ifore for the invitation 😀 ) to try out their fried chicken that others have been raving about in the internet. Chicken Charlie is located along N.S. Amoranto St. near the corner of Banawe St. It’s in front of Tasty Dumplings and Ilaya.

Charlies Bowl at Chicken Charlie
Charlies Bowl, 59 pesos per order

For appetizer, we got the French fries which uses unhydrogenated frying oil (zero trans fat!).Me and Sha got the 4 drumsticks + 4 wings combo, Nina got the 2 drumsticks + 4 wings, Juned got 8 wings and Winston got the Charlies Bowl. Unlike fast food chains, Chicken Charlie cooks the food upon order, so it takes 15-20 minutes before it gets served to you.

Fries at Chicken Charlie
Fries, 45 pesos per order

What I like about their French fries is that they make use of fresh potatoes and not the typical French fries that you’ll get from the grocery. Its price is reasonable for its serving size and for its quality. 🙂

Their chicken wings and drumsticks are indeed crunchy and juicy! What makes their chicken crunchy is the cooking technique that they’re using (double frying technique). You can read more about their cooking technique in their website. You can also read an article in the NY Times about it.

By the way, you have the option to choose if you like your chicken to be cooked in Soy Garlic Sauce or Hot Sweet Sauce. We were able to try both the Soy Garlic Sauce and the Hot Sweet Sauce. Chicken cooked in hot sweet sauce is mildly spicy with a hint of sweetness while the chicken cooked in soy garlic sauce gives you the nice savory taste.

Their chicken wings and drumsticks are best enjoyed by eating with your hands. 😀

Sarsaparilla at Chicken Charlie

If you like root beers a lot, I suggest you try their Bundaberg Sarsaparilla. 🙂

Anyway, if you’re planning to dine there with a big group, I suggest that you take it out instead of dining in since the place can only accommodate around 12 people.

Chicken Charlie
592a N.S. Amoranto St. Cor. Banawe St. Quezon City
Telephone Number: 742-3333

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