Cebu Foodtripping #1: Abuhan Dos

Sizzling Pochero at Abuhan Dos

Just recently, we were in Cebu for the Philippine Blog Awards Visayas. Of course, prior to the event itself, we had a day and a half to taste Cebu’s food tripping places. The night we arrived in Cebu, our blogger friends were already done with dinner at Abuhan Dos. Even though it’s already almost 11 pm, we headed our way to Abuhan Dos to taste one of their specialties which is the Sizzling Pochero.

In Cebu, Pochero is what most of us know as Bulalo. It’s not your usual beef stewed in tomato sauce with vegetables. So therefore, Sizzling Pochero = Sizzling Bulalo.

And there it was. The most beautiful sizzling bulalo I have ever seen! I know I have already tried a number of Sizzling Bulalos in my entire life here in Manila but nothing compared to theirs. The meat was very tender and does not have lots of tendons. I’m not really a fan of tendons but it’s still good that it has tendons because it brings out the flavor more. The gravy sauce is mixed with a somewhat bechamel sauce (because it’s white) which makes the bulalo taste butter-y. The first time I tasted it, I said to myself “Oh, this is heaven!” Too bad we weren’t able to taste the soup version of it because we’re still full but according to our friends, this tastes much better than the soup version.

Abuhan Dos is a popular Filipino restaurant in Cebu and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can have your Sizzling Pochero fiesta anytime you want to!

Abuhan Dos in Cebu

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