Cafe Ten Titas at Gateway

Cafe Ten Titas at Gateway

Cafe Ten Titas is the coming together of 10 aunties of actor, Marvin Agustin. This is his tribute to them. Cafe Ten Titas serves Filipino food with a twist. The restaurant is located at the 3rd floor of Gateway Mall near the escalator.

Menu at Cafe Ten Titas
Menu at Cafe Ten Titas

It’s our first time to eat at Cafe Ten Titas last night and we really do not know what to order. The Pride of Tagaytay looks interesting but we’re not sure if it’s a Bulalo steak or not. Thus, we asked the waiter about it and he told us that it’s not Bulalo Steak. Pride of Tagaytay is Tenderloin steak. Finally, we decided to have Bicol Express instead.

Bicol Express at Cafe Ten Titas
Bicol Express (good for two)

Their version of Bicol Express has a twist. It has bits of “alamang” on it that added a bit of sweetness to the popular Bicol dish. I give this dish a rating of 5 stars. 😀


I’m not really that happy with the restaurant’s location since it has tables outside (the ones near the escalator). It would be not a good choice to eat there during rush hour. Since we had late dinner, there were a few people passing by.

Perhaps the next time that we’ll go back at Cafe Ten Titas, we might be trying their Champorados with a twist. 😉

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