Binondo Food Tour Series #2: Dong Bei Dumplings

Dumpling at Dong Bei

Kutchay Dumplings @ P100

When deciding to have a food tripping tour in Binondo, Dong Bei Dumplings is a restaurant that should be visited.  It is a small restaurant along Nueva Street that serves luscious dumplings and noodles Northern China style. The good thing about Dong Bei is that they make their own dumplings and noodles. You can even see them doing it when you visit their restaurant.

They are best known for their Steamed Kutchay Dumplings. This is best paired with their sauce. It’s very cheap actually, 1 order is composed of more than 8. You can also buy the frozen dumplings which you can enjoy at the comfort of your own home.

At Dong Bei
Soy Bean Sauce Noodles @P100

The Soy Bean Sauce Noodles is simple dish that can already satisfy you. It’s made of freshly-made white noodles topped with soy bean paste and sliced cucumber.

At Dong Bei 2

Fried Dumplings @ P100

This is the fried version of the Kutchay dumplings, another dish that must be tried when you’re in Dong Bei.

Dong Bei Dumplings

Yuchengco St (formerly known as Nueva St)
Binondo, Manila

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