Big Daddy’s Chicken

Big Daddy's Chicken with rice and soup

Big Daddy’s Chicken Chop with Rice and Soup @ Php 90

Big Daddy’s Chicken is a popular chicken chop brand in Taiwan and they’ve just opened their branches here in Manila. They’re located at the Greenhills Theater Mall and a the Ground Floor of the Entertainment Mall of SM Mall Asia.

Owners of Big Daddy’s Chicken invited us to their blogger’s night at the SM Mall of Asia a few weeks ago but since we couldn’t go there on the event date itself, we’ve decided to go to their Greenhills stall on our own before the event happened. Their Greenhills stall is inside the Theater Mall, along with other food stalls.

Big Daddy's Chicken with Creamy Pasta

Big Daddy’s Chicken Chop with Creamy Pasta @ Php 95

Big Daddy’s Chicken has 5 flavors of Chicken and Pork Chops: Original, Lemon, Plum, Chili and Nori. I tried the Original while Karla had Lemon. In my honest opinion, I didn’t really like the Original Chicken Chop, it was quite dry. I liked the Lemon Chicken Chop though because it’s a bit moist and it tasted lemony. I will have to try their Pork Chops when we come back 🙂 .

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