Baker’s Passion

We found Baker’s Passion in Robinson’s Place Manila ( level 2 of the Midtown wing)  right across KXP. It looks interesting because we also love breads and this is somewhat like “Bread Talk” but this has much more varieties. They also serve food and drinks, could be a coffee shop. They also do the same process, you get your own tray and tong then you select the bread that you want and go straight to the counter when you’re done. I just bought 2 pieces of bread for my Mom which are Banana Almond Muffin ( right in the picture) and another bread ( which I forgot the name 🙂 )

The breads tastes alright. Their prices are actually somewhat the same as Bread Talk ranges from Php 29 and above. The food that they serve seems delish, probably we’ll try it next time 🙂

According to the cashier, their branches are in SM Valenzuela and there’s another one also which I was not able to understand.

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