Baguio Foodtripping: Oh My Gulay


What I always anticipate whenever I go to Baguio are the art works and of course new food discoveries. Now, I could say that I could scrap off Oh My Gulay from my Baguio food tripping bucket list because I just dined there during my recent Baguio getaway weekend with mom.

I was practically relying on Google Maps when I was locating Oh My Gulay. It was quite hard to find because it doesn’t have a sign. Oh My Gulay is located at Session Road, just beside the building beside Philam Building and opposite Don Henrico’s Pizza. It’s located at the 5th floor (top most floor). I find it odd that Oh My Gulay is in a building where most law firms are situated so once we arrived at the 5th floor, we were transported in a different place (or another planet!). Unfortunately, the place was a bit dim at night and the camera I brought isn’t that good when it comes to low light so I will just opt to go back there in the future and preferably day time.

Oh My Gulay has selections perfect for vegetarians and those health conscious.

Anak ng Putanesca at Oh My Gulay

Anak ng Putanesca, PHP 130

Thanks to Foursquare, I checked out the crowd favorites. One dish mentioned was Anak ng Putanesca, the Filipino version Putanesca. Don’t expect this to be sour because as this is Filipinized, it’s a bit sweet but it has a hint of cayenne pepper so it has that spicy kick. I liked this very much! 🙂


Bulaklak na Tempura, PHP 70

I got intrigued by this appetizer called Bulaklak na Tempura because it’s made of kalabasa (squash) blossoms. If you want to try something different, order this. Taste-wise, it’s ok. If you’ve tasted other vegetables with tempura batter, this is almost the same.


Oh My Gulay Rice, PHP 140

For rice aficionados, order the Oh My Gulay Rice. This is their signature dish. Baguio is known for fresh vegetables and they serve this with available vegetables depending on the season. This is like Chopsuey rice but it is a bit sweet because of the Mongolian sauce.


Dayap Iced Tea, PHP 75

The Dayap Iced Tea was very refreshing. You can either order this or the Limonada. They’re the two must order drinks.

Inside Oh My Gulay (2nd floor)


Oh My Gulay is part of a large community art space called Victor Oteyza Community Art Space (VOCAS). The restaurant is owned by film director Eric de Guia (a.k.a. Kitlat Tahimik) with his wife. College days in UP wouldn’t be complete without watching one of his most popular films, Mga Mababangong Bangungot (Beautiful Nightmare).

The whole place is a wonderland for those who have an open mind when it comes to art. It’s not just your tummy that’s happy, you’re visually happy as well with all the art installations.


Sculpture of Kidlat Tahimik

Oh My Gulay
Session Road, Top Floor,
La Azotea Bldg. Baguio City, Benguet

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