Any barbeque there? Yoo-hoo??!!


I guess if you frequent to Metrowalk you will definitely know what I am going to talk about here. Today’s featured foodtrip is Yoo-hoo Bar-b-que. We decided to eat there because it’s real cheap. We ordered the basic stuff: 2 pcs barbeque, 2 cups of rice ( with free 2 smalls bowls of soup) and 2 cans of Coke Zero. Our total bill is: Php 136.00 only! Real cheap huh?
barbeque meal
1 pc barbeque ( Php 28.00) each

In this location, they have a second floor wherein you can have some round of beers ( and they’re open 24 hours!). You can’t drink beer in the ground floor dining area. They have a branch now in P. Burgos, Makati. This has a bigger space for dining customers.


Price: 5/5 real cheap deal!

Food: 3.5/5

The barbeque seems burnt.

Ambiance: 2.5/5

We went there on a Saturday night ( a gimmick night!) and there were lots of kids there. I think that Yoohoo! should also fix their ventilation and exhaust. I have the barbeque smell all over me which I really hate.

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