Albay Food Tripping #3: Waway’s

Pinangat at Waway's
Pinangat @ Php 60 per order

If you have been searching places to eat in Bicol, you may have encountered Waway’s. Before going to Bicol, we researched the must-try restaurants in Legazpi and Waway’s was a common suggestion among others who have been to Bicol.

Waway’s was called as such because it was named after their owner Aling Laura Cristobal and it’s been existing since 1967. Most Bicolanos and tourists love the place because of its very simplicity and it has also become an “institution” in Albay. Right now the Cristobal Family is continuing to serve the authentic dishes that their

The restaurant is big, contains probably 20 tables which can acccomodate 5-10 people in it. We came in at around 6:00 pm and quite early. We were the only customers at that time. It’s a carinderia/turo-turo style (turo in Filipino means to point – Turo-Turo is the method of ordering food in the Philippines wherein you have to point at the chosen entree or viand from the variety of pre-cooked/cooked dishes) which the servers will bring in to your table.

Bicol Express at Waway's
Bicol Express @ Php 60 per order

We ordered 3 of their popular dishes: Bicol Express, Pinangat and Halaan Soup.

Many say that they have the best Bicol Express in Bicol and so we tried their version. Bicol Express is a popular Bicolano dish wherein pork is cooked with coconut milk combined with lots of red and green chilies (they use siling labuyo, the smallest and spiciest of all chilies). By that description, you’ll really expect that it’s very spicy. My expectations weren’t wrong, theirs was really spicy!

The Pinangat, also called Laing, is a dish made of taro leaves, chili leaves and a little pork wrapped in gabi leaves. Their Pinangat was good too, it didn’t give me that itchy feeling in my throat. When you eat gabi leaves and it gave you that itchy feeling in your throat, it means that it wasn’t washed thoroughly.

Halaan Soup at Waway's
Halaan Soup @ Php 120 per order

We loved the Halaan (sea shell) Soup. One of order of which is good for 2 – 3 people. Karla and I enjoyed eating the Halaan and the soup was very tasty as well. The Americans seated beside us were enjoying their Halaan Soup with a bottle of beer. Yum!

For these three dishes, plus 2 cups of rice and 2 cans of softdrinks, we only paid Php 330 for the 2 of us! Isn’t that cheap?! They also have grilled pork, fish and other Filipino dishes to choose from so it wouldn’t be so hard to find something you like.

Waway’s Restaurant is located in Peñaranda Street, Albay.

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