2015 Bacolod Foodtripping: Rau Ram Cafe

Buon Thit Nuong at Rau Ram Cafe
Buon Thit Nuong @ PHP 159.00

First restaurant and lunch in Bacolod was at Rau Ram Cafe. Tita Kate said that this used to be called Saigon Cafe and they had a small location (just opposite the now bigger Rau Ram Cafe). The restaurant is tucked inside a residential area near The Ruins in Bata, a popular tourist destination. There are no signs going there so you’d have to rely on Google Maps or the locals / tricycle drivers near PepsiCo.

Rau Ram Cafe's Menu

The restaurant doesn’t have air conditioning but they have high ceiling so air can circulate more. We immediately saw the big blackboard with their menu written on it. The first thing that came to mind was “prices are so cheap compared to Manila!”. We were shocked when we saw the actual dishes because most of them have big servings.

Pho Bo at Rau Ram Cafe
Pho Bo @ PHP 159.00

Since we were in a Vietnamese restaurant, we should try their Pho Bo. A big bowl of Pho Bo arrived our table and was surprised to see that it’s that big. The broth was very flavorful and refreshing because of the basil, mint and some lime. It was perfect at that time because it was very windy and raining.  Our next favorite on the menu was the Bun Thit Nuong. I initially wanted the Bun Cha but we ordered the Bun Thit Nuong instead because the only difference was that the latter did not have Grilled Pork. Both of them have the rice noodles and fried rolls anyway. This big bowl of noodle salad can be shared by 4 people. It’s a balanced and healthy meal in one. A good way to start our piggy foodie adventures ;). This dish was very light and refreshing especially with the Nuoc Cham, Vietnamese dipping sauce made of fish sauce, lime and sugar water. The Nuoc Cham brings out the flavor of this salad and what I liked about their Nuoc Cham was that the flavors were balanced (not too sour).

Com Chien (Vietnamese Fried Rice) at Rau Ram Cafe
Com Chien (Vietnamese Fried Rice) @ PHP 155.00

We ordered rice and 1 viand as Filipino staple food. The fried rice was just ok but again the serving is enormous. The chicken wings were nothing very special. Just like a typical chicken stewed in soy sauce. I would say that the ones that really made the mark are the rice noodle salad and Pho Bo. I wonder if their Banh Mi is good? We have to come back to try it. 🙂

Chicken Wings at Rau Ram Cafe
Malaysian Stewed Chicken @ PHP 149.00

Rau Ram Cafe-1

Lastly, who would want to miss Vietnamese Coffee? As coffee lovers, we didn’t want to miss this.

Overall, the food in Rau Ram Cafe were very good and I believe locals like going here like what Tita Kate said. We went there at 2 pm so the place was all ours!

Inside Rau Ram Cafe -2

Rau Ram Cafe-8

Rau Ram Cafe

Prk. Marapara 1 Zone 2,
Brgy. Bata, 6100 Bacolod City, Philippines
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rau-Ram-Cafe/

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