Roots Ginger Brew – Now Brewing in Manila

Roots Ginger Brew

I’ve been seeing Roots Ginger Brew in the supermarket but I only got the chance to taste it during their launch at Outback Steakhouse in Glorietta this week. By its name, I already expected what it would taste like. If you are going to ask me, I would describe it as “Sparkling Salabat” (or sparkling ginger tea). Roots Ginger Brew is a carbonated drink, best to consume over ice or when it’s cold (SSBZ – Sparkling Salabat Below Zero). If it’s not cold, tendency is that it becomes too sweet for my palate. 

Roots Ginger Brew - Flickr test

Just to be clear, Roots Ginger Brew is non-alcoholic. Great for those people who can’t drink beer, like me.

By the way, suggested retail price is PHP 21.00 per bottle.

Bogart the Explorer for Roots Ginger Brew

Video Blogger Bogart The Explorer, for Roots Ginger Brew

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