Milk Tea Addict

I am a milk tea addict. Ever since I went to Singapore last year, I can’t stop drinking milk teas. I have been drinking milk teas way before but not as often when I came back from Singapore. Thanks to Ms. Google Earth Aileen Apolo – De Jesus who frequents to Singapore every quarter, I have the chance to have different kinds of instant milk teas. This time, she bought me a pack of Golden Kili. It’s not very sweet, a little bit bitter and just the way I like it. Aileen also has a Milk Tea blog called “Tea Completely” with Andrew Dela Serna. 🙂

I would say that I am both a milk tea and coffee drinker. It really depends on my mood really. When I really need to be perky, I drink coffee but if I want to just relax while working, I drink milk teas. Because Aileen brought me a new brand to taste, I can relax a bit at work. 🙂

Most Singaporean restaurants here serve freshly brewed Teh Tarik (or milk tea). The best ones I’ve tried are in Ya Kun Kaya and Toastbox. Well, they’re both Singapore franchises so I assume they should taste almost the same as their Singapore counterparts. If you know any restaurant or cafe that serves Teh Tarik, please let me know!

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