Texas Roadhouse Grill

Grilled Chicken Sandwich at Texas Roadhouse Grill
Grilled Chicken Sandwich 275 pesos per serving

We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse Grill at Bonifacio High Street and it was my second time to eat there. The first time was last year. If you’re familiar on what they serve on TGI Friday’s, then you won’t that have much of a hard time choosing what food to eat at Texas Roadhouse Grill.

Peanuts at Texas Roadhouse Grill
Peanuts – free 😉

The restaurant
At Texas Roadhouse Grill in Bonifacio High Street, there’s a smoking area (located outside) and a non-smoking area. It has a bar inside also. Thus, you could order for alcoholic beverages. Then, upon getting inside, you’ll feel the Texan-like atmosphere upon seeing the woodwork on their interiors. Upon seated, we were served some peanuts (and it’s free!).

The food
My brother ordered a Grilled Chicken sandwich where he shared a single serving with our sister. I was not able to taste it though but they did not seem to have a problem with their food. Each serving of grilled chicken sandwich contains: grilled chicken breast, crisp bacon, lettuce and tomato with honey-mustard dressing, swiss cheese and french fries.

Kids Combo - Pasta and Chicken at Texas Roadhouse Grill
Kids Combo – Pasta and Chicken 170 pesos per serving

It was our lucky night when my brother saw the tarpaulin on the promo of kids 12 years old and below will have free lunch or dinner courtesy of Texas Roadhouse Grill as long as they order from the Kids Menu. Of course, two kids per table is the limitation. So, my brother ordered for them the Kids Combo which consists of Pasta and Chicken.

Crispy Chicken Tenders at Texas Roadhouse Grill
Crispy Chicken Tenders 240 pesos per serving

My brother suggested for me to order Crispy Chicken Tenders since he’s having a sandwich already. Since I was not able to try it yet, I trusted his suggestion. 😀 A serving of Crispy Chicken Tenders consists of hand-battered chicken strips that were deep fried, sweet corn on the cob (you could ask them to shred it for you), and honey mustard dressing. The chicken served is not oily and it’s not all breading. 🙂 I had a hard time finishing it and good thing my sister was helping me with the french fries. 😀

Boneless Barbeque Chicken at Texas Roadhouse Grill
Boneless Barbeque Chicken 250 pesos per serving

My Dad ordered the Boneless Barbeque Chicken. Each serving of it contains a chicken leg quarter that is double basted with their very own BBQ sauce, Texas rice and fresh vegetables. I like the way it tastes. 🙂 If you want to have a taste of Texas, then you should try this.

Pricing is the same range as TGI Friday’s. The service is good though it was a Sunday and there weren’t a lot of people there so I really can’t tell how the crew would perform if the place is filled with a lot of people.

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