Ground floor of Mogwai

Yesterday, we had dinner at Mogwai which is a resto-bar where you could also watch movies if ever there are screenings. I won’t wonder why it will have a mini-cinema there since the owner are directors Erik Matti and Lyle Sacris.

Unfortunately, there weren’t any film screenings for the night. They would usually not have any screenings if there will be a gig outside. Looking at their menu, they have a wide variety of dishes. They offer appetizers, desserts, rice meals, meals with mashed potato, sandwiches, cocktail drinks and more.

Dynamite Sticks at Mogwai
Dynamite Sticks

For our appetizer, we had Dynamite Sticks. It’s actually cheese sticks stuffed with ham and slices of green chilli served with a salsa. Each order of this is good for 2 to 3 people.

Shrimp Overload Pasta at Mogwai
Shrimp Overload Pasta, 180 pesos per serving.

Sha ordered the Shrimp Overload Pasta. This one is like pancit palabok but it is topped with capers and some tomato.

Swamp Burger at Mogwai
Swamp Burger, 180 pesos per serving

I ordered for a Swamp Burger. The thick and juicy beef pattie is sandwiched between a burger bun topped with sesame seeds, cheese, and caramelized onion. The burger is served with a few pieces of potato chips.

The system at Mogwai is you order at the counter and pay it there. So, just ask for the menu at the bar/counter if ever you’re a first timer there.

Unit 62-63 Cubao Expo, Cubao
Quezon City
Phone Number: (63 2) 913-1060

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