Lachi’s Sans Rival atbp. in Davao City

Sansrival at Lachi's
Lachi’s famous Sans Rival

Upon reading the name of the sign, one can already conclude that they serve really good Sans Rival and that it’s their bestseller. If I was invited there for merienda, I would have mistaken it as a only cake or dessert haven.

Unforgettable Pork Ribs at Lachi's
Unforgettable Pork Ribs

The bestseller in Lachi’s according to the waitress who’s taking our order is Unforgettable Pork Ribs. I would have ordered that but I wanted to order something different.

Mouth-watering Roast Pork at Lachi's
Mouth-watering roast pork

I ended up ordering for a roast pork which tastes so good. The meat is tender. It’s sauce is actually the secret to it’s taste.

Pork Marinara at Lachi's
Pork Marinara

If you’re craving for pasta, you may want to try Lachi’s pork marinara. Pork marinara is a tomato-based pasta. Lachi’s uses spaghetti noodles with it. Breaded pork strips are placed on top of the pasta. This is the first time that I’ve heard of such since I would usually see in the menu of a pasta place is chicken marinara.

Breaded Tofu at Lachi's
Breaded Tofu

For vegetarians, Lachi’s has something special for you on their menu and it’s called Breaded Tofu. I was not able to try it though so I cannot tell how it tastes like.

After the sumptuous rice meals and a pasta, we had desserts. The desserts served there are not too sweet. My personal favorites are: Sans Rival, Mud Pie and the New York style cheesecakes. In addition, the price of the cakes there are way too cheap compared to the cakes being served in coffee shops in Manila.

Cherry New York Style Cheesecake at Lachi's
Cherry New York Style cheesecake

Blueberry New York Style Cheesecake at Lachi's
Blueberry New York Style cheesecake

Durian Cheesecake
Durian Cheesecake

Be forewarned that Lachi’s is not a big restaurant (as of this writing). If you’re group is a big big group, they may not be able to accommodate all of you.
For Davao tourists and or Lachi’s first-timers, I would recommend to try also the Durian cheesecake for dessert since it’s not really found everywhere.

Mud Pie at Lachi's
Mud Pie

Thanks to Ria Jose of My Davao City for organizing the meet up at Lachi’s 🙂

Door 1-H VAL Learning Village,
Ruby Street, Marfori Heights,
Davao City

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