Italianni’s Now Offer “Small Price for a Big Lunch”

Pollo con Rucola

Pollo con Rucola (Chicken with Arugula) at Php 295

When you’re working 8 hours a day, don’t you want something decent to eat for lunch? I have experienced being at work and not eating a decent lunch meal and have to resort to fast food. During this time of recession, we still deserve to eat a decent meal with a much lower price. This is the reason Italianni’s launched the “Small Price for a Big Lunch” promo so that we can experience great food cheaper than the usual Italianni’s ala carte meal. There are 5 meals to choose from and are available for craving foodtrippers Mondays to Fridays 11:00 am to 3:00 pm. The promo has already started (I already had mine today 😉 until May 31st. Hope they’ll continue this promo forever 🙂 .

Manzo di Arrosto

Manzo di Arrosto (Roasted Rib Eye) at Php 350 *served only at Trinoma, Boni High Street and Greenbelt

We got to try all of the dishes. Each meal is served with spaghetti aglio e olio and grilled vegetables on the side. Italianni’s is known for its big servings and to tell you the truth, 2 people can actually share 1 meal here (probably order an appetizer or pizza on the side 😉 ).

Spiedo del Pollo e Dei Pesci

Spiedo del Pollo Dei Pesci (Fish and Chicken Skewer) at Php 295

Pesci in Vino Bianco

Pesci in Vino Bianco ( Fish Fillet in White Wine) at Php 295

Actually, almost all of them tasted good but my most favorite is Pesci in Vino Bianco and Manzo di Arrosto (rib eye steak). The prior (fish fillet) is very light to your tummy so for the people who are conscious of the food that they eat, this is one good choice. I liked the way the Dory fish was cooked; the fish remained firm. On the other hand the rib eye steak was very tender and tasty. Though I was a bit disappointed as it looked big in the picture but the real thing isn’t. This dish is only available at Italianni’s Trinoma, Boni High Street and Greenbelt the reason for this is because the steak requires slow cooking and not all branches have the equipment for that. Other branches offer Marinata del Manzo di Arrosto (Beef Pot Roast). I tried it this lunch time and it tasted almost the same as the roasted rib eye but it has a different texture (obviously because it’s a different part of the beef!).

Costina Brasatta

Costina Brasatta (Braised Ribs) at Php 350

I liked everything actually except for this one, Costina Brasatta. It tasted like your normal caldereta but I appreciated the fact that it was very tender. The meat was easily detached from the bone.

Ice Cream cake at Italianni's

Birthday Ice Cream Cake

Since it’s a food tasting event, Italianni’s also gave us  complimentary desserts. Someone squealed that it was my birthday last February and that’s why there was a Birthday Ice Cream Cake. I just came in to the room then suddenly the crew entered singing the birthday song (I think you know how they sing their birthday song 😉 ). We were first all wondering who it was for then suddenly they gave the cake to me. I was surprised and was laughing all throughout their singing because my birthday was 3 weeks ago (during the time of this event)! Anyway, I still appreciated the delay birthday song 😉 . Another funny thing was that I was wearing the same red shirt I was wearing during my birthday when I won the laptop from SM Marikina Wi-fi event. That red shirt seemed like my lucky shirt. I should wear it all the time. Haha.



Anyway going back to the desserts, actually they served us more than what you are seeing in the picture. I couldn’t even remember the others. All I could say that they were all delicious and I felt butterflies in my stomach as I looked at each dessert.

New York Cheesecake at Italianni's

New York Cheesecake

I wasn’t even able to eat this New York Cheesecake swimming in Strawberry Syrup ;(. Anyway, that’s fine, it looked really good.

Chocolate Pecan Cluster at Italianni's

Choco Pecan Cluster

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