Honeybear Chicken Haus

Greaseless fried chicken at Honeybear Chicken Haus
Honeybear chicken feast

I didn’t know that Honeybear Chicken Haus was already known in the late 80’s and the early 90’s according to this Sunstar article. It was located at Malvar Street (now Duterte street). After the restaurant’s non-existence for years, it’s back. 😀

Oreo shake at Honeybear Chicken Haus
Oreo Shake

I ordered the restaurant’s bestseller, Honeybear chicken feast. It consists of 1/2 greaseless fried chicken served with rice and buttered vegetables. I’d say that it’s indeed greaseless.

Pork ribs at Honeybear Chicken Haus
Pork Ribs

If you don’t feel like eating something fried, you may try their Pork Ribs. 🙂 They also have Cordon Bleu as well which is served with plain rice and buttered vegetables.

Cordon Bleu at Honeybear Chicken Haus

The restaurant is located on Quirino Avenue near Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. It’s air-conditioned and has ample parking space outside. If you bring your wifi-enabled gadgets with you, you could surf the internet there by connecting to their WiFi for free. 🙂

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