Greenwich’s Ultimate Hawaiian Overload

Greenwich Ultimate Hawaiian Pizza

I’m not a fan of Hawaiian pizzas. However, I love how Greenwich “leveled up” their Hawaiian pizza. The Ultimate Hawaiian Overload has more toppings, and more cheese! 😀

And if you do not frequent Greenwich or haven’t tried Greenwich, here are some menu items that you probably thought that are not included.

Pizza Fries

Pizza Fries at Greenwich
Pizza Fries, solo price: 49 pesos, to share: 89 pesos

There are three flavors of pizza fries to choose from and these are: pepperoni, cheese and garlic. Each serving of pizza fries comes with a pizza sauce dip. 🙂

Orange Choco Truffle Cake

At Greenwich 2

The Orange Choco Truffle Cake is one sinful dessert from Greenwich. I recommend this dessert to be shared by a couple or if you are going to eat it by yourself, don’t forget to grab some brewed coffee. 😀

Chocolate cake

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