Enjoy Comfort Food at PenPen

Crispy Liempo at PenPen
Crispy Liempo, 125 pesos per order

PenPen is the restaurant of Ping Medina, the son of the famous actor Pen Medina. The restaurant is located near the corner of Tomas Morato and Scout Castor Sts. and people who hang out in this area is probably looking for some comfort food that would not cost much as the other nearby restaurants.

inside PenPen

When we went inside the first time at PenPen restaurant, the first thing I noticed is its homey atmosphere. It’s somewhere where one could hangout during anytime of the day.

Pan de Sal with Kesong Puti at Penpen
Kesong Puti Pandesal, 45 pesos per order

We first tried their Kesong Puti Pandesal as our appetizer. Then, we ordered a Crispy Liempo (PenPen’s bestseller) and Sirloin Tapa with Kesong Puti.

Sirloin Tapa with Kesong Puti at Penpen
Special Tapa, 130 pesos per order

The pandesal is served hot with a slice of tomato and cucumber with kesong puti. You could have this as an appetizer or enjoy it as a part of your daily afternoon snack.

Crispy Liempo is definitely a must-try at PenPen especially if you’re a first-time customer there. It’s thinly sliced and it’s served to you crunchy. This sinful offering from PenPen goes well with vinegar.

Special Tapa truly deserves to be called such because it’s sirloin cut (more flavor) and also because it’s topped with kesong puti.

By the way, PenPen also offers free Wi-Fi access. 🙂

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