Chocolate Kiss Cafe in UP Diliman

The Chocolate Kiss Cafe is located at the Bahay ng Alumni ( R. Magsaysay St.) in UP Diliman, (first and second floor of the building). The difference between the 2 is that in the first floor, it is located outside the Bahay ng Alumni and closes early while the second floor is a more of a “date place” because there are performers in the evening thrice a week ( acoustic, piano/ guitar solo, etc..). The Chocolate Kiss Cafe opened in 1997, the second floor resto was the first then they opened the first floor area. Now they have their third branch, still in QC which is in Roces Ave ( in Pantranco).

I have been eating in this restaurant eversince it opened in 1997, I was still in grade school then and everytime my mom and I go to UP, I would always demand to dine there because the food is really good. When I became a UP student in 2002, a week would never pass without dining there. Now that I’ve already graduated, I would always pass by ChocKiss ( this is the nickname we have labelled her πŸ˜‰ ) and be nostalgic of all the UP memories.

Chicken Alfredo

The food they serve is a mixture of American, Filipino, Italian. Here are some of the must tries: Chicken A la Kiev ( this is good with garlic mashed potatoes), Chix in a Basket ( served with French Fries), Beef Stroganoff ( can be over pasta or over rice), Chicken Alfredo, Hainanese Chicken, Fish and Chips, Hungarian Sausage and Penne, Foccacia and Pesto. Now what you really have to look forward to there are the cakes. Oh gosh, it’s so heavenly. πŸ˜‰ They have the Chocolate Kiss Suite if you want to try 3 of their cakes. The choices you can choose from are: Devil’s Food Cake, Dayap Chiffon Cake, Kahlua Butter Cake or Prune Cake. Of course you can order a slice of each. I would really recommend you to try Date Walnut Cake, Devil’s Food Cake and Kahlua Butter Cake. During Christmas season, they offer mini cakes and they really sell like “hot”cakes. For mini cakes, you have to pre-order because they don’t have them in stock. For complete details of each of the cakes and the menu as well, visit their website at:

Korean Beef Stew

The verdict:

Food: 5/5

I must say I am really addicted to their food. I also love their bottomless iced tea because it’s really made from real tea. You just have to squeeze the calamansi and pour the honey by yourself. πŸ˜‰

Ambiance: 4/5

The second floor is great for dates during dinner time, the lights are a bit dimmed just to set the mood. As for the first floor, it’s good for chilling out and have some coffee since the smoking area is bigger compared to the second floor. The 2 places are a bit busy during lunch times and Sundays there are lots of families who visit there as well so sometimes there are noisy kids disturbing you while you’re on a date hehe.

Price: 4/5

The lowest price for a full meal here is Php 105.00 and the highest price is more than Php 200.00. Well actually their price is reasonable since they have big servings so you can just bring home the food that you didn’t finish πŸ™‚ . For the cakes, the price starts at Php 65.00-85.00. Everything is for cash basis only, no options for credit/ debit cards ( I’m not sure for the Roces Ave. Branch).

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