Chilli’s at Greenbelt 1

Chilli's Greenbelt 1
Chilli’s Greenbelt 1

We went to Chilli’s at Greenbelt 1 to “baptize” Sha’s Chilli’s experience and if you haven’t been there yet (because there are only three branches in Metro Manila), you’ll get acquainted virtually with what Chilli’s has to offer by reading this.

Triple Play
Triple Play

Since it was Sha’s first time at Chilli’s, I did the ordering. We started off with a Triple Play. Triple Play is an appetizer consisting of Buffalo Wings, Chicken Tenders and Southwestern Eggrolls (smoked chicken, black beans, corn, jalapeño Jack cheese, red peppers and spinach wrapped inside a crispy flour tortilla), celery sticks and three dips. This appetizer should be a treat to you if you’re looking for variation. If you’re in a big group, I’d recommend for you to order the bottomless tortilla chips. 🙂

Mushroom Jack Fajitas
Mushroom Jack Sizzling Fajitas

For the main course, we had Mushroom Jack Sizzling Fajitas (grilled beef or chicken with Jack cheese, smoked bacon, sautéed mushrooms, onions, bell peppers and house-made salsa). This is served with warm tortillas (3 pieces).

Most of the food being served here are to-share but there are also items in the menu that caters to people in a group that have unique tastes.

And if you happen to go to Chilli’s on or before June 13, they have a bottomless margarita promo (topshelf and flavored) for 300 Pesos. Of course, bottomless drinks are not meant for sharing. 😀

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