Brothers Burger’s latest offering: Red Bun Angus Burger

Red Bun Black Angus Beef Burger at Brothers Burger
Red Bun Angus Burger, PhP 299

For this love month, Brothers Burger has introduced their latest designer burger which is only available until March 8. It’s the Red Bun Angus Burger. It’s a half-pound black angus beef patty (flame-grilled, and medium-rare) with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, catsup and mayonnaise. Instead of using the regular bun, they opted to have a red bun that is not made of food coloring, but from cranberries. Each order of the Red Bun Angus Burger comes with some criss-cut fries.

Their beef patty is full of flavor and juicy. Each bite makes me want to have more. But since I get easily full, I stopped when I was already half-way through since we were told that they will still serve fish and chips. 😀 If you can’t finish the whole burger by yourself, share it with your special one. 😉

It’s too bad though that they have not made it available for the Davao branch.

Fish and Chips at Brothers Burger
Fish and Chips, PhP 195 per order

Aside from the Red Bun Angus Burger, they’re also now offering Fish and Chips. An order of Fish and Chips consists of one whole dory with criss-cut fries. It’s also served with either a cilantro or dill cream. I like both dressings but I approve more of the cilantro dressing. 🙂

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