Breakfast at Pancake House

Classic Country Medley

It’s surely a great day to start your breakfast with Pancake House especially if you’re craving for some. 😀 I had breakfast with Toni, Mari, Apol, Doc Emer, and Nick.

I ordered for a Classic Country Medley which consists of two pancakes served with three pieces of sausages and an orange juice. You could either choose between a juice or a coffee. This costs 180 Pesos which is still somewhat pricey. I could have ordered for a Perfect Match which costs about the same but has more. However, since I would love to have pancakes that morning with some protein, I chose it instead. 😀

Pancake House also serves Filipino breakfast aside from pancakes, continental and country-style breakfasts. They also have meals good for lunch and dinner.

In the Greenbelt 1 branch of Pancake House, the place was moderately filled with customers. Some orders that we did not order are served to us. Of course that kind of service was certainly we weren’t looking for in the morning. In spite of what have happened, I still enjoyed my breakfast. 😀

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