Brazil! Brazilian Churrasco – a barbeque overload experience

Roast Beef at  Brazil! Brazilian Churrasco
Roast Beef

Me and Sharlyne had a dinner buffet at Brazil! Brazilian Churrasco. It was our first time to eat there and we were actually hoping to have an ala carte dinner there. However, we were informed that they’re only serving buffet.

Stop or Go - Brazil! Brazilian Churrasco
A Yoyo

By the time, we sat down there and ordered hot tea for drinking, the waiter placed a yoyo on top of our table. The color of the other side of the yoyo is green while the other one is red. This one serves as the signal for the waiter/waitress to serve slices of barbeque. Soup was also served to us and some condiments for the barbeque too.

Buffet Selections at Brazil!  Brazilian Churrasco
Some food from the buffet table

We had some of the food served on the buffet table before making the signal served. I loved everything on this plate. Our favorite is the scalloped potatoes. I love how fresh the vegetables they’ve used with their salad.

Barbeque being served at Brazil! Brazilian Churrasco
Waitress serving the barbeque

it was definitely fun eating there and I’m impressed with their exhaust system since we went out of the restaurant not smelling like we came from the kitchen. 🙂

Budget per head is between 700 to 900 pesos (including buffet and drinks). It’s some what pricey but you’ll surely get the quality of food and service you deserve with that price.

Brazil! Brazilian Churrasco
Serendra, Taguig City
Tel. Nos.:

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