Albay Food Tripping #4: Bigg’s Diner

Inside Biggs Diner

Bigg’s Diner is one of the biggest food chains in Bicol. By just looking at Bigg’s diner’s interior design, one would easily conclude that it is a 50’s inspired diner.

The food being served at Bigg’s are mostly American dishes. However, we thought of trying the Pork Chop Rice Meal with Laing as a siding just to add some Bicol flavor to it.

Pork Chop Rice Meal at Biggs Diner

The way the Pork Chop Rice Meal was served could have been improved though. I don’t think it’s necessary to use a sizzling plate for this meal. In fact, a simple porcelain plate is already good enough. 🙂

Sizzling Tenderloin Tips at Biggs Diner

We also ordered a serving of Sizzling Tenderloin Tips. This is served with rice and buttered vegetables. I liked the Tenderloin tips better than the Pork Chop Rice Meal.

Perhaps the next time we go to Legazpi City and dine at Bigg’s, we’ll probably try out their pizzas. 🙂

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