San Miguel Flavored Beer

San Miguel Flavored beer

Here’s something new to San Miguel Beer fans like me. San Miguel has just launched their set of flavored beers. Do you remember Cali Shandy back in the 90’s? It’s something like that but it has 3% alcohol (Cali doesn’t have alcohol content). This is for people who want to socialize with their beer drinking friends without having the bitter taste of beer. The packaging of their flavored beers is identical with the San Miguel All Malt Premium Beer.

It has two flavors: Apple and Lemon. I prefer the Lemon flavor because it’s just like drinking Sprite combined with beer. I got the chance to taste it during a meeting at the San Miguel Corporation office last month. I liked them however I am still a fan of San Miguel Light and the Pale Pilsen. These flavored beers are not available in all bars nationwide. San Miguel is still testing the waters on the marketability of this product. Their flavored beers are in line with their Lifestyle beers such as Cerveza Negra and the All Malt Premium Beer.

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