Canadian Wine Tasting


Both Karla and I are wine novices. We know the basics such as Chardonnay and sparkling wine and enjoy drinking them – no matter what brand or year the grapes were harvested. If it tastes good, we’re fine with it.

We are beer drinkers but I guess our taste differs as we grow old and started to get a hang of drinking wine. We’re not in college anymore so it’s time to level up a bit.

Neil Reider, Canadian Ambassador in the Philippines

French and Australian wines are very popular but Canadian wines? Actually, it’s our first time to taste these. We got invited to the wine tasting session organized by the Canadian Embassy recently and was surprised that there are actually Canadian wines! As mentioned earlier, we were total noobs but lucky to be seated with wine experts (and importers) so we got our Wine 101. We learned about knowing the importance of when grapes were harvested (vintage) and seeing regulatory system label that ensures that grapes are harvested in a certain country (VQA for Canada, AOC for France, DOC for Italy).

So, we got to taste Canadian wines that are not available for sale in the Philippines yet – woohoo! We tried everything, unfortunately the Icewine is not available (made from frozen grapes and Canada is famous for this one). Here’s the list of wine we tried:

  • Red
    • 2010 Syrah (Lailey Vineyard)
    • 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon (Calamus Estate Winery)
    • 2010 Merlot Red Paw (Coyote’s Run)
  • White
    • Pinot Noir Black Paw (Coyote’s Run)
    • 2011 Chardonnay (Henry of Pelham)
    • 2011 Pinot Grigio (Henry of Pelham)
  • Sparkling Wine
    • Cuvee Catharine Brut

My favorite would be the Cuvee Catherine Brut (sparkling wine) which was also the first wine served to formally start the session. It’s sweet and perfect for a wine novice. It actually tastes good when paired with salmon.

Next favorite would be Coyote’s Run 2010 Merlot Red Paw. Although it’s bold, I can still taste a little bit of sweetness plus spice. To be honest, I like white wines more than red wines but this one is surely a good one.

My least favorite would be the Calamus Estate Winery’s 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon. It was expected to be bolder than the Coyote’s Run Merlot but it didn’t.

Overall, the Canadian white wines we tasted were good while their red wines did not give a good impression (except for the Merlot).

If you’re asking about the prices of these wines well, they’re not available yet in the Philippines but you can search their international prices so you can get a gist of how much it could be. Hopefully that importers will begin to sell these soon.

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