Manang’s Chicken has Pork!

I only knew Manang’s Chicken when it was still starting at the Mercato weekend food market (I think they still do sell in Mercato) then I didn’t get surprised when I saw Manang’s Chicken restaurants sprouted outside Mercato especially in leading food courts inside malls. They were a hit in Mercato and they were a hit too when they explored outside the weekend market.

Although their brand name mentions chicken, they also serve non-chicken items. We decided to choose the Garlic Pork Rice Meal for a change. There was a set meal for 2 which has chips and dip and side dishes to choose from. Perfect for person who wants to eat fast food and who has a big appetite. Continue reading “Manang’s Chicken has Pork!”

Celebrated My Big 3-0 By Ordering Via Shakey’s PCM App


I never usually have a big celebration when my birthday comes up but this time was different because I have just entered the big 3-0. Still within the calendar but hey, I still do look young. 😀 I had 3 different celebrations in different locations and for one of which I opted to order Shakey’s pizza for my colleagues at the office. Suddenly thought of the Shakey’s PCM app which I just recently downloaded in Android and IOS so I thought of using it for pizza delivery.


What’s the Shakey’s PCM app?

Well PCM stands for Pizza, Chicken and Mojos – the three most popular items in the Shakey’s menu. ( To be honest, whenever I dine at Shakey’s, I only order any of those three. ) The application is free to download so this can be used in any Android or IOS phones. The application is an easy process of ordering pizza, chicken and mojos. For Pizzanatic Supercard owners, you don’t need to worry because you can avail of the free pizza while using this application. I just used this when I ordered pizzas for my birthday. Only ordered 3 party pizzas and I got 3 free pizzas because of the Supercard!


How I used the app?

  1. I opened the Shakey’s PCM Application which I downloaded.
  2.  I chose whether I will use the normal PCM or the Pizzanatic Supercard. I chose to use Pizzanatic, then I was asked to enter the card number and the security code.
  3. Then I chose the pizzas I’d like to order. I was also asked to choose the free pizza because I am a Pizzanatic Supercard user.
  4. Once I am done choosing my orders, an automatic text message was created which already shows the code. If you’re a first timer, this will serve as a registration.
  5. I immediately received a call from a Shakey’s representative. Of course, this will depend on the telcos. 🙂
  6. My order was delivered based on the usual turn around time which is usually 40 minutes.

I’ve already experienced ordering through the Shakey’s website but this time, I decided to order through my mobile phone out of convenience. The PCM app is perfect for people who only order the Pizza, Chicken and Mojos and do not want to be hassled by choosing a lot of items in the menu.

For more information or further queries, please visit their Facebook and Twitter.