Qianmen Food Trip: Siu Mai at Du Yi Chu

Du Yi Chu caught our attention because we saw from the sign that they were established in 1738, a "time honoured" restaurant. Imagine, this was already established during Qing Dynasty! It is located at the Qianmen shopping street and it’s very easy to locate because it’s just in the main street.

They are famous for their Siu mai or Shaomai. It’s very much different from the Hong Kong siumai because the edges of the wrapper are ruffled and have more filling. Although I would say that the Hong Kong Siu Mai is tastier while Beijing style is much more bland. Dipping it to black vinegar with chili powder will make a difference.

We ordered the De Luxe Siu Mai Platter which includes Lamb and Scallion Siu Mai, Prawn Sea Cucumber and Water Chestnut Siu Mai, Assorted vegetables Siu Mai and Pork and Scallion Siu Mai. One order is 8 pieces and costs 48 RMB approximately PHP 300. The photo above only has 7 pieces because Karla already ate 1 piece ;). Will update this when photos are up!

New Find: Koori Yogurt Mochi

New Find: Koori Yogurt Mochi by rockerfem
New Find: Koori Yogurt Mochi, a photo by rockerfem on Flickr.

While we were strolling around Lucky Chinatown Mall, we found this interesting Yogurt Mochi stall called Koori. The salesperson told me that it’s not a franchise so it’s a local brand.

We ordered two: Azuki Taro and Midnight Cookie. It was interesting mix because Mochi is sweet while yogurt ice cream is a bit sour. 😉 Each mochi costs 100 pesos.

By the way, they also have yogurt bars.

They’re located at the ground floor near the grocery and French Baker.

Songkran – Newest Thai Street Food in Makati

There’s a new Thai restaurant in Valero St. Makati called Songkran. We ordered Pad Thai, Tom Yum Goong, Shrimp Cakes and Fish Fillet with Siracha sauce. For our drinks we ordered Thai Iced Tea and Lemongrass with mint.

Our favorite is the Pad Thai because it’s not too sweet. The Tom Yum seemed very sour for me but It still has that spicy kick. The drinks are also great, we recommend them.

They serve their food in to-go cartons and plastic containers because they adapt the ‘street food’ concept. So don’t be surprised if they give you paper plates and plastic utensils.

Overall, the food is ok and prices are average. Our entire meal is PHP 1025.