DFAT 2012 Day 2: Mt. Apo Civet Coffee Farm

Mt. Apo Civet Coffee 1
A cup of civet coffee

Civet Coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. And of course, the best place to try Civet Coffee is from where it’s made.

After visiting the Mt. Apo Highland Resort, we went straight to the Mt. Apo Civet Coffee Farm to get a closer look on the place where Civet Coffee is made. Its location is at the foot of Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines. Its soil is perfect for growing coffee beans. Continue reading “DFAT 2012 Day 2: Mt. Apo Civet Coffee Farm”

Savor 22 Prime’s Cochinillo Asado

Cochinillo Asado at 22 Prime - 4
Cochinillo Asado

22 Prime at Discovery Suites is known for their steaks. The Cochinillo Asado, as an addition to their menu, is a welcoming change. Thanks to Discovery Suites for inviting me to try this out.

The Cochinillo Asado is a suckling pig dish that is slowly roasted. The result of this is that the skin of the pork is crispy but the meat is juicy and tender. 22 Prime’s Cochinillo Asado is served with spring asparagus, and garlic-roasted potatoes. The sauce for the Cochinillo Asado is their home-made peach chutney. Be sure to taste it first without the peach chutney. The peach chutney adds contrast to the tasty Cochinillo Asado. Continue reading “Savor 22 Prime’s Cochinillo Asado”

Experience Malolos Heritage Cuisine at Ilustrado

Inside Ilustrado
Inside Ilustrado

Ilustrado is a Filipino/Spanish restaurant located in the heart of Intramuros. I went there for the launching of the Malolos Heritage Cuisine, which they are currently offering and it will run until June 30, 2012 only. The Malolos Heritage Cuisine offering is an outcome of the partnership of Ilustrado with Dez Bautista, an artist, historian and culinary expert from Malolos, Bulacan. Dez Bautista belongs to the well-known Bautista clan who owns the Bautista ancestral house in Malolos. Continue reading “Experience Malolos Heritage Cuisine at Ilustrado”

DFAT 2012 Day 2: Piyesta KTV and Restobar

Outside at Piyesta KTV and Restobar
Outside Piyesta KTV and Restobar, SM Davao

After a long trip from the Kapatagan Valley, we headed to SM Davao to have dinner at Piyesta KTV and Restobar. It was just opened this year. They have rooms for KTV where each room is named after a Philippine fiesta. I like the concept of the restobar because it promotes Philippine fiestas and Filipino dishes too. Continue reading “DFAT 2012 Day 2: Piyesta KTV and Restobar”

DFAT 2012 Day 2: My Three Favorite Dishes at Fiesta Sorpresa


Day 2 of DFAT’s theme is Fiesta because of the restaurants we visited on that day both had the word Fiesta on their titles.

We started our second day with disappointment, each Taps (my favorite breakfast place in Davao) that we went to were closed so we ended up in Mcdonald’s at Matina Square. So left with no choice, I ordered my typical Mcdo breakfast: Sausage Mcmuffin Meal with hash brown and Iced Coffee. After breakfast we left Davao City and headed to Davao del Sur. We were scheduled to have our lunch at Fiesta Sorpresa at Digos City. Continue reading “DFAT 2012 Day 2: My Three Favorite Dishes at Fiesta Sorpresa”

Sariwon Korean Barbeque

Outside Sariwon Korean Barbecue

Most of the Korean restaurants here in Manila are usually set up by Koreans who decided to stay in the country permanently. However, it is seldom that a Korean restaurant chain is brought here, unless it is a cafe for sale. Sariwon Korean Barbeque, I believe, is the first Korean restaurant  has just recently opened its first branch in Metro Manila. It is at the heart of the posh dining district near the Bonifacio High Street. Thus, I guess you can already gauge how much this would cost if you dine here :D. Well, Sariwon is considered fine dining in Korea. Continue reading “Sariwon Korean Barbeque”