DFAT 2012: Comfort Food at Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp

Callos at Lachi's
Callos – PHP 170

I have many blogger friends who have been to Lachi’s and all I could hear from them is that their food is really good. The nearest thing that I was able to taste was only their best selling Sans Rival. Finally, I was able to actually go to their restaurant at Marfori Heights and sampled a lot of dishes and desserts on our first day of the Davao Food Appreciation Tour (DFAT). Our table was filled with plates of their dishes. I think they served us almost half of their entire menu. This was the start of gluttony in DFAT. Continue reading “DFAT 2012: Comfort Food at Lachi’s Sans Rival Atbp”

From Istituto Culinario to Brasserie Cicou

Inside Istituto Culinario

It was my first time to learn more about OB Montessori as the culinary art school when I got the chance to attend the launch of Istituto Culinario and Brasserie Cicou last February.  I learned that OB Montessori has a farm and botanical garden in Alfonso, Cavite which is where they get their fresh produce to supply their needs in the school. They have a Brasserie Cicou which serves European cuisine and also were students of Istituto Culinario have their internship program. So basically, OB Montessori is a culinary art school, gets their fresh produce from their farm and they have a restaurant where culinary interns practice before working in the “real world”. A pretty wholistic approach, right?

Continue reading “From Istituto Culinario to Brasserie Cicou”

DFAT 2012: Ranchero’s Merienda Cena

Tiboktibok at Ranchero
Tibok tibok, 70 pesos

On our first day at DFAT (Davao Food Appreciation Tour), we had our afternoon snack at Ranchero. It was a typical Filipino merienda where we had some pancit bihon, fried and fresh lumpia, dinuguan with puto and some sweet local delicacies. I remember when I was still working in an office in Makati City, I would either have some pancit bihon or fried lumpia as an afternoon snack a few hours before my work in the office ends. Continue reading “DFAT 2012: Ranchero’s Merienda Cena”

Cafe by the Ruins

Inside Cafe by the Ruins (day time) - 2

Cafe by the Ruins (in the morning)

Because it was so hot in Manila, me and Sharlyne went to Baguio City and stayed there overnight. We really made the most out of our Baguio City trip by having dinner and having breakfast at Cafe by the Ruins. I like the ambiance of their restaurant. You’ll feel like you’re just eating at the comfort of your own garden. 🙂 Continue reading “Cafe by the Ruins”

FoodTrippings will be participating in DFAT 2012

I’ve been to Davao a lot of times but there are still a lot of things to explore! Davao is huge and one visit is not enough. Sharlyne and I are very excited to be one of the chosen lucky participants of this year’s DFAT (Davao Food Appreciation Tour). Our gastronomic feast begins tomorrow, May 4, 2012 and our Davao food tripping will end on May 7, 2012.

Posted here is our itinerary from May 4 – May 7. Continue reading “FoodTrippings will be participating in DFAT 2012”