Some Bacolod Pasalubong Treats

Napoleones at Virgie's
Virgie’s Napoleones

My father has been to Bacolod several times. And every time he comes back to Manila, I’d expect him to be back with several packs of Piaya from BongBong’s which most people buy as a “pasalubong”. If you would like something different, we suggest boxes of Napoleones from Virgie’s. Continue reading “Some Bacolod Pasalubong Treats”

Congratulations to all our Jollibee contest winners

Finally, the week-long contest is over. Here’s the winners to our daily contest that started last December 5, 2011. Thanks to everyone for participating. You will be contacted shortly on how you can claim your prizes. 🙂

Manicure Monday winner: lucykim
Carsday Winner: Nino
Shopping Wednesday winner: Amity Ong
Hairsday Thursday winner: Laila Lantaca
Friday Blockbuster winner: John Carlo Gertes
Relaxation Saturday winner: mj
Facial Sunday winner: Zyra Anne Continue reading “Congratulations to all our Jollibee contest winners”

Friday Blockbuster! Movie treat plus GCs from Jollibee!

It’s a Friday and one would usually plan of seeing a movie to de-stress after a long and tiring week from work. Today, Food Trippings and Jollibee will be giving away a PhP 300 worth of Greenbelt 3 cinema gift cards (good for two) and PhP 800 worth of Jollibee gift certificates.

All you have to do is answer this question: “Why do I deserve a reward from Jollibee?” Answers should be posted as comments. Entries will only be accepted until December 9, 2011, 11:59pm. Continue reading “Friday Blockbuster! Movie treat plus GCs from Jollibee!”

Give in to your Urge to Shop: It’s Shopping Wednesday!

We are delighted to see the overwhelming response for our Tuesday Carsday Treat. Some of you might have not started shopping for gifts this Christmas so please do join our contest for today. One of you will get a chance to win an SM Gift certificate worth 1000 pesos and gift certificates from Jollibee worth 400 pesos. To join this contest, post a comment on this blog post that answers the question: “Why do I deserve a reward from Jollibee?”. Only comments posted until 11:59 pm today (December 7, 2011) shall be accepted as entries). Continue reading “Give in to your Urge to Shop: It’s Shopping Wednesday!”

Jollibee Contest Day 2: It’s Carsday

Thank your for joining our Manicure Monday contest. Today, one of you may have a chance to win a car care kit and dehumidifier kit and a 600-peso gift certificate from Jollibee. Again, you have to answer the question: “Why do I deserve a reward from Jollibee?”. Only comments posted until 11:59 pm today (December 6, 2011) shall be accepted as entries). Continue reading “Jollibee Contest Day 2: It’s Carsday”

Jamba Juice’s Healthy Smoothies

Outside Jamba Juice
Outside Jamba Juice during its VIP night

Jamba Juice is a popular American brand and they’re known for their healthy juices and blended beverages and as well as their healthy snacks. They’ve been operating in the Philippines for almost a month already. Max’s group owns the Jamba Juice franchise in the Philippines. They are also the same group that runs Krispy Kreme here in the Philippines. Continue reading “Jamba Juice’s Healthy Smoothies”

Treat yourself with Jollibee’s Strawberry Sundae

Jollibee Strawberry Sundae
Strawberry Sundae, 25 pesos

Finally, me and Sharlyne were able to try Jollibee’s Strawberry Sundae. Just like the chocolate variant, their strawberry sundae uses the same soft-serve vanilla ice cream topped with strawberry syrup and some strawberry bits. Their strawberry sundae is indeed for someone who has a sweet tooth. 😉 Sundaes, ice creams and other cold desserts are included in my list of comfort foods. And because you might be stressed of thinking what to do this Christmas, we’re giving away something for our dear readers everyday courtesy of Jollibee. The contest shall start tomorrow and it will run until Sunday. 😉