Yabu: House of Katsu

Hire Tonkatsu Set at Yabu - 2
Hire Tonkatsu

When Sharlyne passed by Yabu, she suggested that we should try it for dinner. Since we really don’t usually go to SM Megamall, I guess it’s best to take a risk and to try something new. Upon arriving Yabu, the restaurant was full and we have to wait. I guess the food was that good huh? 🙂 Continue reading “Yabu: House of Katsu”

Monsee’s, Not Just Your Neighborhood Bakery

Outside Monsee's
Outside Cafe Monsee’s

I appreciate food tasting invitations during public holidays. Received an invitation from Nana for a food tasting session at Cafe Monsee’s. Not really familiar with the place though so I Googled it and some blogs of our fellow food bloggers came up from the search. Most of them recommended their breads and pastries.

Cafe Monsee’s is located at White Plains Avenue, just before Boni Serrano if you are coming from the Monument of Heroes in Edsa. The facade of Monsee’s is just like a typical house with white painted walls and two red doors. I already felt the homey – neighborhood vibe upon seeing the facade. Then Karla and I went inside and saw the yummy looking breads and pastries. Continue reading “Monsee’s, Not Just Your Neighborhood Bakery”

KFC’s Zinger Double Down FTW!

Zinger Double Down

I knew that there was a KFC delivery before hand because we were contacted by KFC’s PR however I didn’t have much clue on what they will let us try. October 27th came and already saw some tweets from my fellow food bloggers about KFC. I didn’t read them so that the “element” of surprise will still be there. Ok so lunchtime, October 28th. The receptionist in our office called me and told me that I have a KFC delivery. I stepped out of my office and saw a fireman standing by the hallway before the reception area. I pointed to him and said, “Oh, here’s the KFC delivery guy.” He didn’t react, probably pretending that he didn’t hear me. Then I immediately proceeded to the reception area where I met the KFC PR. Suddenly, the fireman came running to me with his KFC delivery bag and took out the Zinger Double Down using a tong. All I could say is awesome!!!  Continue reading “KFC’s Zinger Double Down FTW!”