Batchoy Madness in Iloilo! Face Off: Ted’s and Deco’s

One calls comfort food as such because this is a kind of food that satisfies you immediately without making any effort. Batchoy is one of my favorite comfort foods, I may not be an Ilonggo but I don’t need to be one to enjoy my Batchoy. If you may ask what batchoy is, it is derived from the Chinese cooking influences – soup made of chicken stock with miki noodles (yellow noodles), pork cracklings, pork meat and innards and vegetables. The original batchoy was traced in La Paz, Iloilo. There are many variations of Batchoy now, Bihon, Sotanghon and even Misua are now being substituted for the original Miki noodles. Even the toppings, Batchoy can be served with chicken or beef instead of pork. Continue reading “Batchoy Madness in Iloilo! Face Off: Ted’s and Deco’s”

San Miguel Flavored Beer

San Miguel Flavored beer

Here’s something new to San Miguel Beer fans like me. San Miguel has just launched their set of flavored beers. Do you remember Cali Shandy back in the 90’s? It’s something like that but it has 3% alcohol (Cali doesn’t have alcohol content). This is for people who want to socialize with their beer drinking friends without having the bitter taste of beer. The packaging of their flavored beers is identical with the San Miguel All Malt Premium Beer. Continue reading “San Miguel Flavored Beer”