Giving Kebab Factory A Second Chance

Chicken Mast Kebab at Kebab Factory
Chicken Mast Kebab, 250 pesos per order (2 skewers)

As a food blogger, sometimes it’s good to return to a restaurant you’ve reviewed and try out the same dishes all over again just to test if they’re consistent with their cooking. The first time we were in Kebab Factory in 2008, they were still newly opened. The overall experience then was ok, but now there was a bit of an improvement. The difference of then and now is that we were invited through Smart Rewards.

The waiter gave us the liberty to order anything we wanted. We were given Php 2,000 worth of gift certificates to spend so we dragged our friend Juned. We needed another mouth to feed, rather than having only me and Karla to finish everything. The new ones that I haven’t tasted before was the Chicken Mast Kebab, Lamb Lahore Curry, Naan and Baklava. The rest like the Motabal, Beef Kebab, Hyderabad Chicken Biryani and Lassi, I have already tasted them during my first visit. Let me tell you about each of them below: Continue reading “Giving Kebab Factory A Second Chance”

Chilling Out at the Tower Lounge (One Tagaytay Place)

Tower Lounge - 3

As mentioned in other blog post related to One Tagaytay Place, we were two of the bloggers who were invited to experience staying in One Tagaytay Place recently. We’ve already featured the Mongolian Buffet and Afternoon High Tea in Azalea here in Foodtrippings. So aside from Azalea, One Tagaytay Place also has a resto-bar at the 4th floor, which is the Tower Lounge. The Tower Lounge has a very different ambiance compared to Azalea. The Tower Lounge is a place to chill out, listen to soothing acoustic music and eat delicious and tender steaks. The resto-bar is open to the public, even though you are not a checked-in guest in One Tagaytay Place. Continue reading “Chilling Out at the Tower Lounge (One Tagaytay Place)”